Our solutions

Live video


Our offers are available live, and the expertise and quality of the sessions offered remain the same as in person with our TrainMe Corporate coaches.

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Live video

sport et bien être

The challenges

To help remote workers or travelling teams reconnect, stay fit and maintain links with their colleagues.

45 live activities and workshops to promote well-being and sport at home or away!


Our support

Collective activities, exclusive to your company:

A specialised trainer leads live sessions dedicated to the employees of your company: sports classes, relaxation sessions, workshops or lectures, muscle awakening routines ... Various formats and durations. Objective well-being and a good mood!

To contribute to relaxation and energy at work for your teams.Instant modularity: switch from a live video program to a face-to-face one, and vice versa, whenever you want, as many times as you want and at no extra cost.


How does it work?

A turnkey solution, 100% digital, no specific hardware: a computer or a smartphone is enough.

Employees follow the course live from the specialised platform: the coach leads and advises the participants


The benefits

Why not try live video in your company!Wherever your employees are, in France or abroad, we have an effective and sustainable solution to support them in their sport, well-being and health programme.

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